Now here’s a gadget that your significant other will be sure to love. Meet SLIIP, a device which can reduce your annoying snoring problem and help you and those you care about get better overall sleep. How? The folks behind SLIIP engineered a solution by tackling the problem that lies within your pillow: Its shape. SLIIP uses the best suitable material for making pillows and features a built-in inflation airlock to help adjust your pillow shape to your exact specifications. This means that you get better support and that your airways will be open for the maximum passage of air. Boom. No more snoring.


SLIIP is more than just a pillow though. It also has a a built-in sensor that detects your movement and allows it to adjust accordingly. What’s more, it also includes a separate speaker system that plays delta waves in order to speed up the process of entering sleep. There’s even a negative ion generator in SLIIP that helps improve air quality in your room. Perfect for those with allergies. If you pair your SLIIP with a smartphone you’ll also be able to see more information on your sleep patterns so you can eliminate any distractions and get the best shut eye possible.


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SLIIP Will Eliminate Snoring & Help You Get Beter Sleep
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