We’ve all been there: you forgot to close the curtains and the sun’s rays start peeking through your windows, giving you an unwelcome awakening. You know what you need to avoid that type of situation and any other that can arise from not having been mindful about your curtains? A Slide. No, we’re not talking about a water slide either. What we’re referring to is the world’s first retrofit smart curtain system. Dubbed “Slide”, it recently successfully raised enough money on Kickstarter to become a reality and hit production.

Slide is fully customizable, easy to install, easy to control, IFTTT compatible, and made from only the highest quality materials. Did we mention that it only takes two minutes to set up? You literally just have to unbox the device and place it on your curtain bar and you’ll be able to open your curtains with sunrise and sunsets, schedule to save money on your energy bill, and even protect your home against burglars during your holiday.

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Slide Will Let You Remotely Control Your Curtains, Put Them On A Schedule
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