Slice enters a pretty loaded field of media players, and as a Kickstarter project, it comes across a bit as the “little engine that could but may not”; however, judging by the specs and the software, we think this may be the best media player to date, and we’ll tell you why.

While Slice can make use of the Internet, it doesn’t require it in order to play your videos, music, or whatever. That’s because it comes equipped with 1 terabyte storage as well as inputs for more in case you want to add to it. All you have to do is drag and drop your files, and it automatically converts to the proper format, adds artwork/metadata, etc. It also uses Raspberry Pi and the XBMC software for a full service media package. While the fully loaded one can be yours at the price listed, there’s a stripped-down model without storage (in case you want to add your own, for the developers among you). That version is just $190.

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Slice May Be The Best Media Player Ever Created
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