Despite the recently warming weather, Winter isn’t over just yet. At least not for most of us. If you’re one of the unlucky individuals who finds themselves in the northern part of the country, might we recommend investing in your own set of Sled Legs?


If you’ve never heard of Sled Legs, they’re basically wearable “sleds” that you strap to your shins, permitting you to slide down the snow on you knees similar to what you’d do on a traditional toboggan. The advantage of Sled Legs is, however, that there’s no need to lug a heavy sled back up a hill if you want to have another go. What’s more, thanks to an outer plastic shell you’ll be able to slide down virtually any terrain without ever getting your actual pants (or underwear!) wet. There’s even foam inserts in order to provide added stability and cushioning making for a more comfortable overall experience. More below.

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Sled Legs Are Wearable "Sleds" That Let You Sled Downhill As Many Times As You'd Like
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