Do you recall those slap wrist bracelets that were banned in the 90s? Well, they're back now! Slap Band Sunglasses are slowly regaining the trust of its prospective buyers. With some of the slightly beneficial travel products, going on a trip with a pair of wrist foldable sunglasses will be more convenient.

Slap Band Sunglasses can be wrapped around your wrist, ankle, and bike handlebars. These trendy and contemporary wrist sunglasses have a distinct hinged nose-bridge that allows you to fold them in half. Just wrap it until they're needed again.


The actual lenses of the Slap Band Sunglasses don't roll up - it would be a miracle if it happens - but the durable silicone-coated arms on both sides do. Because of the distinct hinged nose-bridge, you're able to wrap it anywhere and it won't go missing when you're no longer using it. It can even save you time since you don't have to look for it in your pile of things. You can have your fashionable shades whenever you need them.

The Slap Band lenses have a UV 400 grading and are polarized in order to prevent the effects of harmful UV rays. It is also thoroughly tested to guarantee impact resistance. The glasses are designed in New Zealand and there are numerous colors to choose from. The frame material is made of Nylon TR90 which makes it more durable and UV/chemical damage resistant. The size is 50 mm for the lens, 155 mm for the temple, and 17 mm for the distinct hinged nose-bridge.

Slap Band Sunglasses walks the thin line between practicability and novelty yet still manages to stay on the handy side of things. It is a revolutionary style of sunglasses with an exclusive design that is both fun and innovative. It's a great gift for sports persons, adventurers, or just anyone who is always on the go.

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