One thing you can never accuse us of here at inStash is hating horror movies. Especially independent horror movies. We eat the things for breakfast the way a monster would its victim. In that spirit, we would like to guide you toward Skookum. What makes this thing so special compared to all the other low-budget thrillers out there?

Well, for starters, it appears to be another entry into the Bigfoot-movie subgenre, and everyone knows you can’t have too many of those. But aside from that, it’s well on its way to achieving the $10,000 funding limit with more than two months left to go on IndieGogo. And what’s significant about that is the way the filmmakers have managed to do it – by making it easy for you to have a piece of the action.

For just a $500 donation – and yes, there are lower contribution amounts available – you can become an executive producer of the film. A paltry sum for breaking into one of the most profitable movie genres around. You were going to spend that much on the move to Hollywood anyway, weren’t you?

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Skookum - Become Executive Producer of a Horror Film
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