No idea why we never saw this before, but the skateboard is not just good for taking on a half-pipe. It also makes one heckuva bathroom fixture, and if it is your 2013 ambition to turn the entire home or apartment into the ultimate man-cave, then you may want to start with this Skateboard Vanity Light from ZALcreations.

Simple ingenuity, the perfect shape, and a man-centric design that will look much more appropriate than anything she could come up with. The Skateboard Vanity Light doesn’t leave you empty-handed either. It comes equipped with four 120-volt, 40-watt incandescent bulbs. Not the most energy efficient, but not that costly to change out either. Each one is made to order and will take about a month to arrive at your door.

(And if you’re like us, you’ll finally have a use for the skateboard that doesn’t end with you nursing a broken pelvis.)

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Skateboard Vanity Light
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