We’ve had globes for millennia. Isn’t it about time that our closest celestial neighbor got the same spherical representation that we lend to our own planet? Meet the Moon Lunar Globe, a totally accurate 1/20 million model of the Moon. That’s right, this lunar globe actually includes all of the lunar mare, hills, craters, and ridges that you learned all about in 8th grade — in full glorious 3D. In order to achieve this remarkable feat, the team behind the Moon Lunar Globe used NASA’s very own Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter data meaning that this globe is made from the very same topographic maps that make up NASA’s own archives.


As detailed as a lunar globe may be, all of that is for naught if you can’t see it. That’s why the Moon Lunar Globe includes a ring of LED lights that spin along with the globe itself, illuminating the correct side of the moon and recreating the exact lunar phases that you can see when you look up at the night sky.

You can order your own Moon Lunar Globe via the link below. We’re sure that it’ll be a subject of conversation when people come over to your home or office!

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Show Your Space Geek Cred With Moon Lunar Globe
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