Nothing says, “Tonight’s gonna be a good night!” like taking a shot of hard alcohol out of a stainless steel shot glass shaped after a shotgun shell. Yeah, that’s right, a shotgun shell. Aptly named ShotShells, these kick-ass party starters are machined from a solid bar of stainless steel so they will never rust or break like those wimpy glasses you’ve got at home.

The ShotShell is the perfect size for a standard shot of alcohol (1.5 fl.oz. or 44 ml). They are made in the USA with a shined finish and a textured base. For those of you that pay attention to the details, ShotShells are completely dishwasher safe, and f you are spending good money on some quality merchandise it is good to know that it practically takes care of itself.

$60 is going to get you one ShotShell, then it’s $110 for a set of two, and $200 for four.

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ShotShell | Stainless Steel Shotglass
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