Take a guess as to what that is. A fancy pair of scissors? A pocket knife + scissors, maybe? Well, that and a few other things.

The Shopboss 9″ Hardware Snip is – surprise! – a titanium-coated, multipurpose hand tool that’s good for all sorts of tasks. In addition to its specially designed, spring-loaded handles, the S-Boss Hardware Snip also sports such general badass-ery as a serrated-edge blade, wire cutter/stripper, twine cutter, and bottle opener. Also thrown-in with the Knife-a-nator (corny? probably) is a protective sheath/holster; the latter (most appropriately) multitasks, too! It boasts a tape cutter, pencil holder, deburring file, and belt clip.

What’s the Hardware Snip good for? Oh, jobs like slicing through sheet metal, 18-gauage wire, aluminum siding, and more. Beat that, Swiss Army knife!

Admittedly, though, we still have no clue what ‘deburring’ is.

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Shopboss 9" Hardware Snip
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