Everyone has a voice recorder in their smartphone but how many times have you ever really used it? Unless you’re a journalist we’re willing to bet that you’ve likely never even opened it the voice memo app. We’re also willing to bet that the reason why that is the case is probably because your phone is always in your pocket and out of mind — not so with Senstone, however.

Comfortably clippable on your shirt’s collar, Senstone is a new way to create notes which promises to be five times faster and much more convenient than any smartphone app. Once you’re up and running with Senstone you no longer have to pull out your phone to take notes on the go and will be able to simply capture the things in your daily life that you won’t want to miss later on down the line. Furthermore, Senstone doesn’t require you to listen through lots of voice recordings just to find the bit of info you want — it actually automatically converts your voice notes into text and organises them for easy access.

Curious? Check out the link below.

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Senstone Lets You Take Audio Notes Whenever, Wherever
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