Camping trailers are great for just parking and camping out wherever you want: in a parking lot, in the woods, on the beach, in the water…Wait, in the water? It sounds like a mistake, and if you look at the images it kind of looks like one too–like somebody backed up just a little too far on the beach and the thing got away from them. But the Sealander lives up to its name.

Aside from being a full-featured camper with a cooking/washing module, cooler, heater, table, and benches that can all be rearranged, converting into a sleeping room, or removed entirely depending on your needs, it also freaking floats.

It can be launched without a boat slip or trailer system from just a small patch of shoreline, and has a 5HP outboard electric motor for puttering around in the shallows. You’re not going to win the America’s Cup in it, but if all you want to do is cast a line right from your bed, could it get any more perfect than this?

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Sealander | Amphibious Camping Trailer
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