We’ve brought you more than a dozen 3D printers over the last couple of years, but Sculptify David is a game-changer. While most of the previous incarnations would only print using filament or limited materials, David uses plastic pellets and is not limited in the types of things it can produce. With this 3D printer, you don’t have to print useless trinkets, but can instead utilize it for functional, everyday items like wristwatch bands, phone cases, and more.

The plastic pellets are also much easier to manage than spooling filaments, so David is a pleasure to use. For more info on just what all it’s capable of, we invite you to check out the video below. Also, if you click our Buy link, you’ll see there are still early bird prices available so you can grab one for $450 off the retail price.

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Sculptify's David Is A Giant Leap For 3D Printing
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