You wanna know what the problem with washing machines are? It’s simple, really: most of the stains we end up getting on our clothing come about when we’re not at home. That means that when we need a washing machine the most, we’re usually up a creek without a paddle. That’s where the Scrubba Laundry Washing Bag comes in. Made from microbial- and hydrolysis-resistant TPU, it’s able to clean your clothes thanks to literally hundreds of tiny nubs on the inside of the bag itself. These nubs are able to clean your clothing from dirt, grime, wine, blood, or whatever other stain you have at a rate which is twice as effective as hand washing alone.


Using the Scrubba Laundry Washing Bag is simple. Just fill it with your clothes, pour some water and detergent in, seal, press out the air, rub, rinse, and dry. This means that it’s perfect for road warriors, chronic campers, and anyone else which wants their clothes clean when they’re away from home. More below.

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Scrubba Laundry Keeps Your Clothing Clean Even When You're On The Road
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