Cash is dying. In its place is cold hard (flexible?) plastic. While credit and debit cards are undoubtedly more convenient than cash, the fact that we’re not forking over something physical every time we make a payment means that managing your cashflow can be more difficult than before. That’s where the Scrip Digital Wallet comes in. Meant to be a sort of “bridge” between a cash-heavy past and the future, its design incorporates a LED screen at the top which shows the value of your money rise or fall as you make purchases and get paid.


As a result of this approach, you’ll be getting increased awareness of your bank account activity at all times. While this can be useful when making purchases, it also means that the wallet will be able to alert you to fraudulent charges or purchases that you didn’t authorize.

Find out more and purchase your own Scrip Digital Wallet via the link below.

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Scrip Digital Wallet Lets You Keep Track Of Your Purchases In A New Way
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