Growing up I often thought about how cool it would be if I could build my own robots that beat the crap out of one another. Cutting teeth on movies like Robot Jox, I had an inherent need to see what would happen if I created some Terminators of my own.

You may have been the same way as me, and if so you’ll probably enjoy Scraps as much as I do. A demo is currently available, but as fun it is, it will pale in comparison to the final product.

Thankfully that is definitely going to happen since the team behind the game has achieved Kickstarter funding with still a day to go.

Scraps is a vehicle combat game where you have the freedom to design a vehicle from the chassis up. You’ll start by choosing a chassis and method of propulsion (wheels, tracks, hover), then attach a cockpit, weapons, engines, power and so on to the base or to other parts.

The game allows for multiplayer or you can experiment in the freeform sandbox mode. Parts have real functions, and realistically affect the weight and balance of your vehicle. A flawed design usually means that your vehicle will break apart through no outside conflict, so if you don’t want that to happen, you’ll need some smarts about you. Do you have what it takes to be awesome?

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Scraps: Customize Weapons, Lay The Hurt On Someone
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