Ever look at your coffee maker and wonder something along the lines of, “What would it look like if this were designed in Cupertino?”.  You’re not crazy, just iObsessed — just like the folks who designed the Science Coffee Pour Over Stand apparently. Definitely looking like something that came out of Jony Ive’s wunderbrain, this coffee maker sports a sleek aircraft aluminum frame, something which is rarely seen in coffee makers to say the least.


The device is made to accommodate your preferred method of brewing and is compatible with a large number of drippers and range servers. In fact, you can even pair the Science Coffee Pour Over Stand with your existing AeroPress! This level of compatibility makes this product a must-have in any kitchen. It’ll not only help you in getting the perfect cup o’ joe every morning but will also assist in reducing your counter clutter. Amazing!

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Science Coffee Pour Over Stand Will Get You The Perfect Brew
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