The number one ideal of a real coffee drinker: intravenously fed coffee, with the drip begun immediately upon waking. Sigh, that will always be the dream. But the number two ideal, an actual coffee faucet right next to the hot and cold water, has finally come true.

It’s called the TopBrewer, from Scanomat. It mounts into a counter top just like a regular faucet. And it brews perfect coffee. Already, it’s near to perfect. But wait, there’s more.

It also has built into its tip the world’s smallest milk foamer. Fresh milk is heated and foamed and comes right out of the same tap. Which can also provide hot or cold water, hot or cold milk, and steam. And probably delicious magical rainbows.

And as if that wasn’t enough, you can actually control it from an iPhone or iPad. This is now entering the realm of the truly awesome. It’s like getting coffee delivered straight from the future.

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Scanomat TopBrewer
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