Do you dream about owning non-tangling earbuds which sound as good as they look? If so then keep reading, because you’re about to fall in love with Copper Audio Blast Earbuds. These earbuds are made out of 100% copper for not only aesthetic reasons but also because the copper housing prevents vibrations and prevent unwelcome noise from tainting your audio listening experience.


The real strength of these earbuds lies in the specially made silicon-coated nylon cable, though. These cables make it so that no matter how you store your earbuds, you’ll never run into the problem of having to spend minutes meticulously untangling your cables. Perfect for those who just want to listen to music without having anything inconvenience them.

If you’re curious about the Audio Blast Earphones then check out the inStash Shop link below. For a limited time, we’re offering a 16% off deal so you can nab your own pair for just $9.99. That’s quite the deal when you consider just how expensive earbuds are becoming these days!

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Say Hello To Great Audio With Copper Audio Blast Earbuds
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