Have you ever had a wine session with your friends and noticed that your wine slowly starts tasting like vinegar as the night gets deeper?

That is because of the oxidation that happens the moment we pop the cork. According to Bangor University’s study, the percentage of dissolved oxygen rises from 18% to 25% after the wine bottle has been opened for a couple of hours. Even if you place the bottle in a cool, dark place it begins to taste differently after some time.

This is what inspired eto to create the perfect decanter to preserve wine for at least 12 days. While there are many other options such as the argon gas and vacuum pump, none of them parallels eto’s ability to maintain the wine’s freshness thanks to its patented system and unique design.

So the next time you have a celebration with your friends, make sure to decant your whole wine bottle into eto and let it stay there until the last drop.

You can now enjoy more wine sessions with zero waste!

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Say Goodbye to Wasted Wine with this Wine Decanter
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