If you have a woman in your life, I’d assume that you’ve been nagged about the coffee or drink marks you leave around the house on various surfaces. This is indeed annoying especially when you’re not the one doing the cleaning.

But you just can’t give up coffee and beer, can you?

This is where you need the help of the Floating Mug® also hawked as the world’s most beautiful mug. The Floating Mug® is actually the second of its kind, but this time it’s bigger. The first one can hold approximately 9 oz. of liquid, but who drinks only 9 oz. of beers?

So the creator is planning to make this 12-oz. mug and instead of making it from porcelain, he is using clear glass, which gives it a touch of elegance.


How does it get rid of drink stains?

This mug is a combination of a mug and coaster connected by a handle. The mug is detached from the coaster by a few centimeters; hence, when you pour your drink inside, the bottom of the mug won’t actually be touching the surface. It is the coaster, which doesn’t contain anything, that will be in contact with the surface.

It’s a win-win for you and the one who cleans after you.

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Say Goodbye to Coffee Stains with the Floating Mug®
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