If you have owned the traditional lighter you see on the streets, I’d assume you’ve burned yourself at least once. I’d also bet that you have tried to fend off wind and rain like a ninja on rainy and windy seasons.

While these are not something to be really worried about, perhaps knowing that the butane these lighters use is toxic will alarm you.


To save yourself from any of the above, switch to the Saberlight Flameless Beam Lighter. Thanks to its plasma wave technology (the one you see in Star Wars saber), you can light up almost anything without getting burned, inhaling toxic fumes, and fighting off wind and water.

This technology uses an electrically generated plasma beam that can burn hotter yet cleaner than your butane lighter. All you have to do is to hold anything for kindling near the beam and wait for the beam lighter to ignite. Voila!

This lighter is rechargeable and may be used up to 300 times after 1-hour charge time.

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Say Goodbye to Burns and Harmful Chemicals with this Flameless Lighter
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