Admit it. There are times when we tend to forget to brush our teeth due to exhaustion or just plain laziness.

We know this bad habit, along with improper brushing, can pose serious harm to our teeth and gums. But, with the help of Amabrush, the world’s first automatic toothbrush, this problem will be solved really soon.


This automatic toothbrush can clean your teeth in just 10 seconds with a single press of a button. It also has integrated Bluetooth that lets the user connect to the Amabrush iOS and Android apps where you can set different modes and configure the cleaning time, gum massage, whitening, and burst mode.

Amabrush comes in three parts: the mouthpiece, the handpiece, and the toothpaste capsule. The mouthpiece holds the bristles, antibacterial material, and micro-channels.

The handpiece contains the electronics responsible for the movement of the brush. The toothpaste capsule holds enough toothpaste for a month.

Now that’s a toothbrush that saves time, effort, and toothpaste!

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Say Goodbye to Bad Oral Hygiene with Amabrush
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