The Sandman Clock, developed by the Palo Alto Innovations, looks like your ordinary LED clock but it’s not. What makes it different from your ordinary alarm clocks is that it has 4 charging ports. The clock has a built-in battery so you can use it in case there’s power outage.

The Sandman Clock has large display, large snooze, cable management, and automatic brightness. The large display features a 1.8 inch digital display so you can check the time, even if you’re tired or meters away from your clock. The large snooze allows you to easily stop or snooze it. You can set it in either 12 hour time or military time. As for the cable management feature, the Sandman clock has slots below from the front to the sides, so you can easily and efficiently transfer and organize the cables. Likewise, the clock’s brightness is automatically adjusted because of its light sensor.

On its back, the clock has 4 USB Ports, Alarm button, 1 high-powered USB Port, and a single power cord. Anything that can be charged with the use of USB can be charged via the Sandman clock. The single power cord eliminates table clutter. The alarm is fully integrated so you won’t have to leave your phone at the side of your pillow everytime you sleep. Since there’s only one power cord, there’s no need to look for additional extension cables or power strips. Lastly, the 2.1 Amp high-powered USB Port is meant for charging your phones and tablets.

With the Sandman Clock, you can check the time without being blinded by your smartphone. The auto-dimming screen display even allows you to sleep at night without being distracted. The Sandman Clock is available in black and white only. The colors, being simple and elegant, will definitely fit any room décor.

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Sandman Clock Combines an Alarm Clock and Charging Port
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