Guess what time it is? Time for yet another personal robot! This time the robot buddy that hopes to make it into your home is called Sanbot, and curiously features penguin flipper arms alongside a touchscreen heart. Putting aside the fact that its manufacturers surely decided on penguin flipper arms to reduce the possibility of uprising (seriously, penguin robots will never be able to overthrow humanity…right?), Sanbot’s design makes him very versatile. For example, this robot can do everything from serve as your home’s security guard to doubling as a nursing home companion and even being a teacher to your human children.

Sanbot’s “eyes” are dual Kinect-style 3D HD cameras which allows it to accomplish complex tasks like navigating in 3D space and recognizing human body movement and facial features. The aforementioned touchscreen “heart” doubles as a way of interacting with the ‘bot.

Find out more about how Sanbot works and what he can do for you via the manufacturer’s homepage linked below.

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Sanbot Wants To Help Secure Your Home, Educate Your Children
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