Samsung has made quite a splash with its curved display HDTVs, and now it’s hoping to make a splash by taking curved displays to their PCs as well. The company recently announce its new ATIV One 7 Curved all-in-one PC which features a very vivid 27-inch, 1920×1080 display. How does the curve help in a PC? Well, for one it improves viewing angles and reduces glare. It also “tricks” your eyes into thinking the display is even larger than it is allowing for added immersion. Also adding to immersion is the built-in speakers which are capable of lossless audio transmission through APT-X. Samsung ATIV One Curved Desktop In terms of specs, the ATIV One 7 features an Intel Core i5 chipset, 8GB of RAM, and a 1TB hard drive with an “embedded flash drive” which may serve to improve boot times. This isn’t a gaming machine since there’s no dedicated GPU, but it’ll probably play basic games just fine. There’s no exact release date for the ATIV One 7 at this time, but you can probably expect it around Q1 2015.

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Samsung's New All-In-One Is Sleek, Features Curved Display
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