Samsung just created the ultimate gym gadget ever. No, we’re not talking about another boring fitness tracker that you won’t use past two months and that’ll end up cluttering some forgotten drawer in your home. What we’re referring to is the beautifully designed Samsung Gear IconX Earphones that the Korea-based tech-titan recently unveiled.


Unlike traditional earphones, the Samsung Gear IconX includes 4GB of internal storage — allowing you to play music without taking your phone to your local sweatfest — and built-in sensors which are able to record things like heart rate, distance speed, and calories burned. Sound like a fitness tracker? That’s because this device isn’t only a pair of sweet sounding earphones or an mp3 player but also a fitness tracker as well. Why? Because what isn’t these days?

You can find out more about the Samsung Gear IconX Earphones via the link below. Also on that link is information on how and where to buy a pair when they come out later on this year.

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Samsung's Gear IconX Earphones Are The Ultimate Gym Gadget
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