Surprised by the vinyl comeback of recent years? There’s a reason for it, and it’s not that hipsters found it “cool” to have vinyl records. The fact of the matter is that vinyl just sounds better — especially when compared with wireless audio. Seeing an opportunity to provide consumers with high quality and unequivocally “wireless” sound, Samsung has released the H7 Wireless Speaker.

Now, before you think “not another wireless speaker!” the H7 has a particularity which we alluded to earlier: it uses new UHQ technology to digitally upscale any incoming audio to 32bit output, resulting in “lifelike” music no matter what the source is. This, when paired with a bass response of just 35Hz, algorithms that work to cut down on distortion, and a “wide-band” tweeter, results in what must be the best wireless listening experience on the planet right now.

Curious? You’re just going to have to listen to it for yourself. Check out the link below and buy yourself your very own Samsung H7 Wireless Speaker.

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Samsung Teases Ultra High Fidelity H7 Wireless Speaker At CES
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