Okay, let’s get one thing straight. You probably won’t be buying a Samsung UltraHD television any time soon. The set costs a whopping $142,000, making its 85-inch little brother seem downright Walmartly by comparison. And even if you had the money, it’s not yet available in the States, so don’t expect it to turn up at your local Best Buy any time soon.

Still, that doesn’t mean a guy can’t dream about NFL Sunday Ticket or UFC pay-per-views or <insert favorite sport here>, all played out on nearly 10 feet of hi-def goodness. According to Engadget, the beast is actually larger than a King-sized bed at 2.6 meters by 1.8 meters.

At that size, Samsung’s own 105-inch curved TV (set to debut at CES 2014 next month) won’t even top it!

Now friends, we all know that technology has a way of getting cheaper over time, but what are the chances we’ll ever see either of these TVs in our living rooms? Sadness.

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Samsung Just Released A 110-Inch TV
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