Remember the Saberlight that’s splash proof, wind proof, and uses electricity to spark up? The company has another product that you’ll surely love. The Saberlight Bolt is a revolutionary, ultra-slim beam lighter with exceptional features like it doesn’t use butane, it’s rechargeable, touch activated, splash proof, wind proof, and has free form plasma arcs and auto-timers.

The Saberlight Bolt underwent an exhaustive 3 year research and development to provide every user a revolutionary personal arc device that’s nearly compatible with anything. Since the traditional plasma lighters are narrowed down because of its traditional arc feature between the cap and nodes, this plasma lighter is designed in free form plasma arcs so you can use it with cigarettes, candles, grills, pipes, bongs, or bowls. In short, there are no limitations when using the Saberlight Bolt.

Measuring up to 5 inches tall, the Saberlight Bolt is ultra slim and portable. It’s even slightly larger than your average pen. Despite being slim and portable, it can still provide you with 100 ignitions per charge since it’s designed with high density lithium-ion battery.

Apart from its size and battery, the Saberlight Bolt is built with advanced technology. It is created with a touch activated sensor that will only ignite the bolt plasma generators if the sensor comes in contact with your skin.  It also features an auto-timer that includes a 10 second auto shutoff and 5 second ignitions to preserve your lighter’s battery life, letting you make the most out of it.

Another important feature of the Saberlight Bolt is the fact that it’s splash proof and wind proof. In purchasing a beam or plasma lighter, these features must always be considered so you won’t have a hard time lighting things up whenever you’re using it in the outdoors. Hence, you can use it under any condition – rain or shine.

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Saberlight Bolt: A Revolutionary, Ultra-Slim Beam Lighter
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