Smoking kills. We know that. But if you can’t give it up, then better smoke and die in luxury. Get yourself the 145th Anniversary Travel Case Humidor that costs three times more than the Tesla Model 3 (and maybe more).

The humidor stands 3 and 1/2’ tall and is hand polished with black lacquer eight times. It’s also accented with tobacco-hued crocodile skins on the front and top panels.

But the grandiose doesn’t end there. Inside, you’ll see nine cedar trays, and five of which stacks Davidoff’s 500-hundred-freakin-dollar Oro Blanco cigar.


And who would light these cigars with a cheap Zippo? No, these cigars are meant to be lit with Le Grande S.T. Dupont Haute Création duo-flame lighter. It’s sculpted with crocodile skin, yellow gold, and diamond accents.


And, oh! Let’s not forget about the Haute Création twin-blade cutter and the bronze, hand-patinated ashtray.

Wow. We’ve never felt this poor.

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S.T. Dupont’s Travel Case Humidor is a Luxurious Way to Slowly End Your Life
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