A lot of belts out there are no longer just to keep your pants from falling down, but they’re usually a compromise between style and usability. That’s not the case with Rugged Material’s EDC belt.

Have a secret? Keep it confidential with EDC. It appears like a normal leather belt on the outside you wouldn’t suspect there’s an inconspicuous pocket on the inner side that can stash matches, a mini pry bar, or any tiny secrets you want to keep hidden.


With the width of 1.5”, you may use this belt for both casual and dress-up occasions and change the buckle for each event. The thickness of 1.4” makes this belt one of the most durable there is in the market.

Imagine all the embarrassment from random pat-downs this belt can save you from!

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Rugged Material's EDC Belt isn't Just For Keeping Your Pants Up
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