We get it; a plastic toy such as the Laser Airzooka isn’t hardcore enough for everyone. Enter the Rubber Band Gatling Gun, made of 100% aluminum and weighing in at around 20 lbs fully loaded. Let’s get one thing straight: getting past security with this thing won’t be easy.

Sure it looks mean, but the weapon is actually fairly harmless. As you may have guessed, this rubber band gun shoots rubber bands. It holds over 100 rubber bands and shoots them one at a time, as fast as you can crank it. The gun’s barrels align with the users arm via a handle, allowing for support and accuracy. A mounted flashlight and base are also included.

Our advice? If you’re taking this thing anywhere, keep it concealed. Unless of course you enjoy being shot at, handcuffed, and questioned at your local police department.

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Rubber Band Gatling Gun
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