The Rove Gym is a portable cable station that you can place inside your duffel bag, allowing you to perform your daily exercise routine wherever you are. This cable station may look like a barebones cable station at first sight, but it's ultimately portable which allows you to install it anywhere and anytime you need to perform that tiring workout.

Whether you're on a family vacation at your favorite place, you're in a hotel room, or simply at home, the Rove Gym can easily be installed. Since it weighs only 12 pounds, you should be able to place and carry it in your duffel bag without putting too much effort. This standalone cable station can directly be mounted on door jambs. Once installed, the standard cable station stands 6 feet tall, while taking 0% floor space since it is mounted a few inches from it. Thus, you're able to perform your workout without occupying much space in the room.

Since the Rove Gym is designed to be a portable workout equipment, those heavy weights found in standard cable machines were replaced or substituted by elastic bands to deliver the necessary resistance produced by heavy weights. It has 8 various bands which you can quickly change to add difficulty to your workout. According to the Rove Gym creators, using all 8 elastic bands allow you to work with approximately 150 Ibs. worth of tension.

Apart from the elastic bands, the Rove Gym includes a vertical pull-down clip, jump belt, rotating curl bar, 2 ankle belts, and 2 pull handles, allowing you to exercise a lot of routines. From simple cable machine movements such as pull-downs and curls to complex exercises such as presses and deadlifts, this portable cable station allows you to perform more than 75 exercises.

The Rove Gym also has a companion app to guide you through your complete workout routine. If you're interested, it is currently undergoing its Kickstarter campaign. You can reserve your Rove Gym for a pledge of $499.

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Rove Gym: An Incomparable, Portable Cable Station
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