With more and more passengers taking to the air each year, it seems that airports just keep getting bigger and bigger. Getting from terminal to terminal may feel like forever and when you finally get to your boarding gate, it may seem near impossible to actually find an outlet. Sure, you could just get a battery pack to charge your device but they’re often both bulky and weighty. Since you’re walking so much anyhow, why not just get Rolopower?


Rolopower is a the smart carry-on with dynamo wheels which actually is able to power your devices. Rolopower isn’t picky either, and is able to charge both Android and iOS phones and tablets with its large internal battery. Furthermore, Rolopower also doubles as a fitness tracker with its mobile app, which is able to let you know the distance you’ve covered as well as your average speed. Rolopower is currently seeking funding via Indiegogo and has only raised 9% of its $50,000 goal. If you’re a frequent traveler why not lend it your support today?


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Rolopower Is The Carry-on Luggage That Charges Your Devices
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