In a perfect world, every electronic device would use exactly the same kind of charger with exactly the same kind of connector. You’d carry one charger with you and if your phone, ipod, toothbrush, or any other gizmo ran out of juice, you’d just yank that charger out of one device and plug it into the other. But we don’t live in that world. Our world has multiple incompatible connectors which demands that you build up a spaghetti mess of different charger cables, and it makes this world suckier.

The Roll Up Travel Charger from Restoration Hardware aims to de-suckify the world just a little bit. It puts multiple charging outlets on a single bar, with connectors for all the most common stuff: iPhone, miniUSB, microUSB, and Samsung. There’s only one power cord for the whole thing, which means you can charge all four devices at the same time on a single AC outlet. And when you’re done, the bar rolls up into a stylish polyurethane mat that’s easy to carry and never gets knotted up like power cord hell.

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Roll Up Travel Charger
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