4K and refresh rates more than 100 Hz is no longer new to everyone. 4K monitors have been ubiquitous since god knows when while last year we saw a boom in screens with 144 Hz refresh rates. Even monitors with ultra wide displays are no longer a novel idea. The biggest we’ve seen so far is the 120-inch display from SimPit Technologies.

But combining all these three—4K resolution, high refresh rate, and wide display—usually poses a problem. It usually results in visual tearing, particularly in heightened settings.

This is where ROG Swift PG65 stands out. Thanks to NVIDIA® G-SYNC®, this gaming display can have all three elements in one device proving that sometimes you can actually have it all.

In other words, this 65-inch screen packs more than 8 million pixels and 3840×2160 resolution so you can see every single detail in your games. Plus, with a brightness of 1000 nits, localized dimming, and wide-viewing angles mean you can push its luminance to its limit and consistently get HDR-quality image whichever side of the screen you’re on.

Another reason ROG Swift PG65 stands out is its true 120-FPS experience. Others claim they have high refresh rates, but, in reality, they do not add new frames to fill in gaps. Instead, they interpolate that results in visual stuttering and tearing although kept at a minimal level.

Plus, with the help of NVIDIA G-SYNC technology, an embedded feature in  NVIDIA’s hardware, ROG Swift PG65 “synchronizes the refresh rate of the display with the frames-per-second output of a GeForce graphics card or discrete chip.” This is much better than the software-based Vsync because it does not cause input lag.

What’s more, there’s the NVIDIA® SHIELD® for Android streaming services and the NVIDIA GameStream™ for your game streaming needs.

Pricing and availability are yet to be announced, but if you’d like to know more, you may see ROG Swift PG65 at the CES event in Vegas.

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ROG Swift PG65 Packs 4K and 120 Hz in a 65” Display
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