Is the future of racing autonomous? Automotive futurist Daniel Simon sure thinks so. That’s why his new Robocar Driverless Race Car comes outfitted with a bevy of cameras, Radar, Lidar, and sensors. Aiming to replace drivers on racetracks altogether, the Robocar will run in the Roborace, a series of international driverless racing events designed to raise awareness of autonomous vehicles and their capabilities.

Aside from its impressive autonomous driving capabilities — itself powered by a Nvidia Drive PX2 “brain” that’s capable of 24 trillion operations per second —  the car itself will be powered by a 540kW battery and four 300kW motors. This combination, along with a carbon fiber chassis and body, ensures that the Robocar can navigate circuits at speeds well over 198 mph.

You can read more about the technical achievement that is the Robocar Driverless Race Car via the link below. This car is obviously not for sale. At least not for the layperson.

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Robocar Driverless Race Car Is The Future Of Racing
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