Your electronic devices are thirsty. What’s worse, they simply never seem to be satisfied and always seem to turn off at the most inopportune moments. Luckily for you, you can invest in your own River Mobile Power Station and ensure that you never lose juice when you really need to make a call.

More than just a portable battery pack, the River Mobile Power Station lets you charge up to 11 devices simultaneously thanks to its total output of 500 watts. You should know that that 500 watt power output is nearly double of what it’s closest competitor can field, by the way.

If all that weren’t enough to convince you of the power of the River Mobile Power Station, the fact that you can use four quick-charge ports in order to device your devices at 2x speed may just make you start to realize the potential of this portable battery station.

Make sure you buy your own — and find out more about the tech specs — via the link below.

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River Mobile Power Station Can Charge 11 Devices At Once
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