Google Glass may be dead in the water but that doesn’t mean that the idea behind glasses-based wearable tech has died along with it. Meet MAD Glass, a new Kickstarter project which hopes to take up Glass’ banner — and run with it.. Unlike Google’s attempt, MAD Glass will feature a full version of Android giving it all of the capabilities that a normal smartphone has, including making and receiving calls and SMS messages.


As you’d expect with a gadget that runs a full version of Android, MAD Glass can also download any of your favorite apps and games — provided that they have made some minor modifications to support the device. If you’re a traveler, you’ll also love the instant translation feature which is included when you buy your own MAD Glass — a feature which will render learning a second language woefully obsolete.

You can pick up your own MAD Glass on Kickstarter for $839 (significantly cheaper than Google Glass was).

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RIP Google Glass. Long Live MAD Glass!
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