Swiss Army knives are great and all, but they’re somewhat outdated. After all, no one has really made a stylish Swiss Army Knife, right? Wrong. Dead wrong. Ringtool is the fashionable, discreet Swiss Army knife that you’ve always been waiting for — one that won’t look awkward dangling out of your keychain if you’re dressing up, and is small enough for everyday carry.

Fashioned from specially made hardened stainless steel, it weighs just two ounces. That aforementioned hardened stainless steel means that it’ll aways stay in tip top shape regardless of how much it bumps up against your keys or other objects in your pockets.

At just $25, there’s no reason not to buy your own Ringtool. If you’re curious about the exact tools that have been packed inside, you won’t be disappointed either. It features a bottle opener, hex heads ranging from 4-10mm, a flathead, phillips, and torxhead driver, as well as the obligatory bottle opener. More below.

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Ringtool Is A Toolbox You Carry In Your Pocket
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