Do you have a tendency to treat your iPhone/Samsung/HTC/insert Smartphone here like it stole money from you? You know, you beat the crap out of it, but you really don’t need it dying on you, else the inevitable murder charges (or in this case, being forced to buy a new phone)? If so, then you need to run-don’t-walk to the Rhino Shield Screen Protector, a razor-thin little contraption that keeps your screen in great shape no matter what you do to it.

The Rhino Shield promises that it can withstand up to 5 times the impact energy that the Gorilla Glass 2 is capable of. It can also protect against finger smudges, claw marks, and maybe even a hammer shot or two in the event that you do any heavy carpentry work while your iPhone is sitting three inches from the nail.

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Rhino Shield Screen Protector
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