A closer shave is something that many of us guys dream about. While a million different companies promise such a thing, few of them actually deliver in the way that the Hone Type 15 Razor does. As beautiful as it is effective, this razor is CNC Machined from your choice of raw brass or anodized aluminum and is sure to give you the best shave of your life.


A better shave is just one aspect of the amazing Hone Type 15 Razor, though. The other is its stunning design. As a winner of the 2016 iF Gold Award, this razor will stand out from the pack and surely draw the attention of anyone who visits your home’s restroom. What’s more, the creator’s choice in materials ensures that this razor is inherently more durable and will last longer than your standard plastic razor. As if all that weren’t enough, the Hone Type 15 razor is also compatible with safety blades, making it perfect for men regardless of what their shaving preferences are.

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Revolutionize Your Shave With Your Own Hone Type 15 Razor
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