Do you ever wonder why the more time-saving devices we have, the busier we get? We know, right! These gadget makers tell us you’ll save 50% more time, but we still find ourselves not finding enough of it.

So maybe it’s not really about devices that save us more time. Maybe it’s about choosing the right tools that don’t add to the busyness of our lives.

And that, our friends, is why we’re giving you a list of revolutionary home products that should help without demanding any more of your valuable time.

Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels

clocky rolling clock


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Starting the day on the right side of the bed is essential; starting the day at the right time is critical. But when we go home late at night or we hate mornings (or both), it’s quite a feat to get up on time.

Sure we have alarm clocks on our phone that are set to go off every 5 minutes, but we both know it’s not enough. We need a more aggressive approach—just like Clocky.

Clocky from Nanda Home looks just like any other digital clock with the digital numbers, of course. You set the time, put it beside your bed, then you sleep.

But what makes Clocky different is that once it goes off, it runs away from you and keeps on beeping until caught. It can jump from nightstands about 3 ft. high and will keep on rolling until you’re out of bed.

If that doesn’t wake you up, we don’t know what will.

Wallflower Smart Monitor

Wallflower smart monitor


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How many times do you get back inside your house to check if your stove is switched off? We know someone

who would do that every single day. There’s nothing wrong with double checking, but imagine if that happens when you’re running late and you have a big meeting to go to.


Wallflower Smart Monitor will save you from that. It’s a simple yet revolutionary home product that tells you if your electric stove is on via the iPhone or Android app.

All you have to do is to plug your stove into the Wallflower socket, download the app, connect the app to the ad-hoc connection Wallflower creates, follow the instructions, and you’re all set.

You’ll get notifications once the stove is turned on, when it has been on for a long time, and when it’s off.

It uses geolocation so when you’re outside the geofence, it notifies you that your stove is still on.

Note, however, that it doesn’t switch the stove on or off. You have to do that by yourself, you lazy fella.


Monster Solara

Monster Solara


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Entertainment. We know we can’t live without them. But that’s a problem for us who are always on the go. We need to have an entertainment system that’s portable, easy to set up, and is not a wall hugger.

And that is exactly what Monster Solara is all about. It’s a solar-powered speaker with a subwoofer that you can use outdoors (and indoors provided they’re charged).

Solara has 360o omni-directional experience making sure you get clear audio wherever you sit. It lasts for up to 10 hours, which may be more if used outdoors because, you know, it is friends with the sun.

It also has EZ-play technology that lets you connect and power up 7 additional speakers placed no more than 100 feet apart. It has LED lights so you can easily see it in the dark, create ambient mood, or illuminate the areas around.

What’s more, it is weather resistant so you can pretty much leave it outside and rest assured it can withstand light weather conditions.

It cannot fight off thieves, though.

Roverbeats Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver



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Again, entertainment is essential in our daily hustle and bustle, but we don’t need extra bulk, cables, and complicated installation. We want something that is as less obtrusive as possible, doesn’t add to the already entangled cables and requires no pesky set up just like the Roverbeats Bluetooth Receiver.

This tiny device slides seamlessly between your Bluetooth-enabled music player and speakers. It also connects via NFC for easier pairing.

No Bluetooth-enabled speakers? No problem. Roverbeats can easily adapt via RCA, A/V, or AUX/jack input. This is especially helpful when you want to stream music in your car but you’re too busy to replace your nearly defunct head unit.


Breville Mini Smart Oven

breville smart mini oven


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Anybody can cook. But not everyone can produce something edible. Smile if you’re one of them. But don’t you worry, Breville has the kitchen intelligence not all of us are blessed with.

With temperature and time buttons, 8 cooking programs, Element IQ that moves heat where it’s needed, Breville is set to cook your food just the way, uh-huh uh-huh, you like it. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Sorry, can’t help it.

But, anyway, with Breville, you don’t have to hover in the kitchen, worrying whether the food will come out black. Just set the temperature and time and the oven will turn off on its own.

And, in case, it didn’t come out just the way you expected it, push the “a bit more” button and your food will be cooked for—yes—a little bit more.


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