The Revo Journal enables you to connect your paper journal to the digital world, enhance and improve your journaling experience to your smartphone and link images and videos to your journal. It makes it possible to link videos from your smartphone to your paper. Aside from videos and photos, you can also link sound recordings, internet links, and a lot more.

Instead of buying a printer or going to internet shops to print images and stick them to your journal, the Revo Journal allows you to link them directly from your smartphone so you can have easy access. It's environmentally friendly and would definitely cost less. Thus, you can be a tech-savvy while saving the environment.

The Revo Journal allows you to safely keep your files in the Cloud. Once you purchase this amazing journal, you will get free cloud storage where you can keep your linked files securely and safely. You can access the Cloud anytime you want for as long as you have your smartphone with you.

When it comes to the design features of the Revo Journal, it is primarily manufactured in accordance with the highest standards as possible to achieve your writing wants and needs. It has a simple yet elegant design with rounded corners and leather cover. This bullet journal has 240 pages in total with 80 gsm and plain white crème paper that's perfect for your write-ups. Additionally, it has standard journal features such as an expandable back inner pocket, ribbon bookmark, and an elastic closure band.

Other features of the Revo Journal are as follow:

  • Multiple Revo Journals can be linked with a single app
  • Keywords - you can assign keywords to the pages of your journal so you can easily find what you're looking for
  • Location to your Write-ups - allows you to link your current location with the use of your smartphone


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Revo Journal: The Best Bullet Journal
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