RIP the NES Classic. Long live the Forget the RetroN 1 HD! While Nintendo might have abandoned its $60 teeny retro gaming console earlier this year, there’s no dearth of options for those looking for an alternative.

That brings us to the aforementioned RetroN 1 HD, as you’d expect from our intro paragraph, this tiny $40 game console plays every old Nintendo game imaginable. That’s right, unlike the NES Classic Edition, the RetroN HD 1 is built to play every NES game ever made. All you’d need to do to get started is to insert an NES cartridge into the opening on top, and boom — you’d be ready to dive right back into 80s gaming nostalgia.


Creators of the Retro N1 HD, Hyperkin, says you get three main things in the box:

-One premium classic-style controller

-One 3 ft. HD cable

-One 6 ft. micro-USB charge cable

Find out more about it below.

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RetroN 1 HD Can Play Any NES Game. Period. Take That NES Classic!
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