Time to dust off your old cartridges, Retro-bit has just remade the original Game Boy for the 21st century. Designed to look and feel just like the original Game Boy, this device has a satisfying chunky plastic feel that will feel familiar to anyone who played video games in the 90s. Not only is the feel right, but in terms of compatibility it won’t disappoint either. That’s because the Super Retro Boy can play cartridges designed for the Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance. That’s, like, literally all the Game Boys ever made in case you were keeping count — meaning that you can play any game from Mario Bros to Golden Sun 2 and back.

The Super Retro Boy is expected to cost $79.99 and should be available this August. You can find out more about its exact technical specifications via Retro-bit’s official website below.

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Retro-bit Reinvents The GameBoy With The Super Retro Boy
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