Let’s face it: we live in an age of nostalgia. From 80s/90s-inspired music, movies, and TV series, to the many reboots that Hollywood seems to keen on putting out, we just can’t get enough of the past. We here at inStash are no different — we’re in love with all things retro. That’s why when we saw the Coleman CT200U Mini Trail Bike, we were transported back to our childhood.

With a classic metal frame that recalls the minibikes of years past, this vintage-inspired bike has a 196cc 6HP OHV pull-start engine that’s up for any challenge, no matter what the terrain might be. What’s more, a set of low-pressure tires will ensure an exceptionally smooth ride while the CT200U’s rear disc breaks keeps it exceptionally reliable. You can find out more about the Coleman CT200U Mini Trail Bike via the link below. Simply check out the “BUY” link at the bottom of this post.

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Relive Your Childhood Nostalgia With The Coleman CT200U Mini Trail Bike
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