Remember the Tetris game you engrossingly played on your Game Boy? The game that tested your spatial abilities and made you wish the vertical blocks would always appear. Now you can relive those memories with this constructible desk lamp.

Supershop® Tetris Lamp comes with seven pieces of interlocking light that you can arrange according to your preference. The lights automatically turn on when the pieces are stacked together. To turn it off, simply disassemble it.

The lamp comes in several neon colors, is battery operated, and uses 2.5W. It has a 24-hour mean life. It is made of painted plastic and may be as long as one 12-inch ruler when stacked.

This lamp serves not only as a light for your desk but also as an ornament in your room.

Note, however, that this lamp is not a study lamp. It’s the one you use when sleeping if you prefer dim light to total darkness.

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Relive your Childhood Memories with this Tetris Lamp
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