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As the world grows more crowded, many are left to wonder…whatever happened to the individual? With each minute that passes in the clockwork of society, you can almost feel obscurity sinking in, tick-by-tick.

For Refined Hardware Watch Makers of Los Angeles, that isn’t going to cut it. With the company’s release of The Project 1 Harbinger Edition, 125 rugged individualists can claim a piece of something truly unique.

The 45mm patent-pending “cage” piece—crafted from raw, unpolished American steel—joins with pure laser-engraved sapphire crystal on the front and back of the casing for a sleek and sturdy appearance built entirely for the 21st Century man.

The watch is loaded with complex features and held together by twenty-six aerospace titanium fasteners and a handmade black alligator strap.

Refined Hardware offers both a standard and custom build option with minimal price differential between the two, and in the ultimate show of individualism, no piece of the watch is touched until you place an order.

From that point one craftsman—only one—is responsible for your handmade timepiece, which arrives in 10 to 20 days depending on your order.

Ordering launched last week and given the strict 125 limited quantity, it won’t be open long.

With Christmas fast-approaching, The Harbinger is great as a self-reward or the perfect gift for the modern man in your life.

If you see yourself or someone you love as more than just a number…if you value uniqueness…if you desire a watch that symbolizes this confidence, then act now while you still can.

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Refined Hardware The Project 1 Harbinger Edition
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